General FAQs

The following General FAQs address the most common questions we receive in regard to establishing healthy habits with your child . Additional questions that aren’t covered here? Just contact us!

Why should I choose a pediatric dentist for my child?
Do baby teeth even matter?
At what age should my child have his/her first dental visit?
What are cavities, and how can I prevent them?
What is baby bottle tooth decay (early childhood caries)?
How should I clean my baby's teeth?
When should my child start using toothpaste?
When should my baby's teeth start to erupt?
Is my child teething, and how can I help?
Is it OK that my child is a thumbsucker?
Are dental x-rays safe for my child?
What exactly is fluoride, and is it safe for my child?
What are sealants, and how do they work?
My child plays sports. How should I protect my child's teeth?
What should I do if my child knocks out a permanent tooth?
My child has a toothache! What do I do?